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 Farmers and gamekeepers have reported continuing problems with suspected poaching as well as theft of farm property.

 Whilst we as fishermen enjoy the right to roam the river bank and cast a line, the sight of somebody wandering around without fishing tackle isn’t allowed (our rights are to fish) and can sometimes set alarm bells ringing.

 The legality is that maintenance work including the trimming of trees and clearance of access paths should be agreed with the farmer or landowner prior to any work being carried out. There are also potential implications regarding insurance cover for members acting independently on unapproved maintenance.

 Occasionally there have been reports of members on the river bank who don’t have fishing tackle but they were believed to be in fact carrying out well intentioned maintenance work.

 We do not want to discourage this, far from it, all help is much appreciated. However, this needs to be done properly and the right people informed beforehand of your expected presence and activities.

 Dick Sidgwick Tel 07870680953 and Paul Richmond Tel 07815818030 plan and carry out regular work on the river bank, liaising with the farmers or landowners to ensure that we do not cause them any problems.

To preserve good relations we request anybody planning or wishing to help work on the river bank to please speak to Dick or Paul beforehand.

 All offers of help will be welcomed.