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Yarm Club Championship, Super Pool and Golden Pegs payout guidelines

Each match entry fee remains at £20 per match, payable prior to the draw for each match.

For CLUB matches, £18 goes into the sweepstake for that match and £1 will go into a “Golden Peg” sweepstake fund. The remaining £1 will go into the overall club championship sweepstake fund for the series.

For OPEN matches, £19 goes into the sweepstake for that match, and £1 will go into the maintenance fund or as a donation to a designated charity.

 The match sweepstake fund will be fully paid-out to individual place and section winners for that match, in the clubhouse after the match.


There are 21 eligible matches in the 2018-19 championship.

All CLUB and OPEN matches fished on the River Tees as listed on the Match Calendar will be eligible for club championship points except for the following matches:-

            Open Pairs match (12 August 2018)

            August Bank Holiday match (27 August 2018) 

            P Nicholson Trophy match (26 December 2018)

               End of Season match (14 March 2019)


Club Championship payout guidelines.

Each angler’s best 12 points scores will count towards their final position in the club championship at the end of the season. Only club members are eligible for any of the club championship prizes.

Three places in the club championship sweepstake payout will be based on points, with payouts of 45%, 35% and 20% of the total club championship sweepstake fund value.

To simplify administration of the series of matches, points will be awarded to all anglers (including non-members in the OPEN matches) fishing any of the eligible matches.  The winner of any eligible match will be allocated 60 points, or points equal to the number of anglers fishing the match if there are more than 60 anglers fishing the match.


Super Pool payout guidelines

There will be an optional “Super Pool” sweepstake, with a £20 one-off entry fee payable at the first eligible match fished by the participating angler. The top 3 points scorers of the “Super Pool” participants will be paid out 45%,35% and 20% of the total “Super Pool” fund.

Golden Pegs payout guidelines

The golden peg sweepstake fund was not won in the first year of operation and has now been capped at £500. Future golden peg sweepstake funds funds will be capped at £250. So it is possible that we may have a capped fund awaiting the winner of any eligible match. 

Two "Golden Peg” numbers for each CLUB match will be drawn before the start of the draw. If the winner of the match has fished either of these pegs he/she will win the highest value golden peg sweepstake fund available, unless there are less than 10 anglers fishing the match when the fund will be carried forward to the next CLUB match.

The angler must be present in person in the clubhouse after the match to be awarded the prize. If he is not present, or the match winner was not on the “Golden Peg”, the prize money will be carried forward to the next CLUB match.