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COVID-19 compliant arrangements for club and open matches - 14 July 2020

We are changing our previous processfor match entries, the draw, weighing-in and payout, to keep us all safe, so here's a quick summary as agreed so far -
1) If you or any family member are showing symptoms, please stay away. Otherwise, book on at CAC or DAC, by Friday before the match. No exceptions, as we need to think the pegging through more than usual. Please don't ring the club, its shut, and the phone is not monitored!
2) The draw will be in the usual room, from 8:30 and there will be a one way system to avoid congregating. Exit will be via the rear car park, and you'll walk round Sainsbury car park back to the High Street.
3) One angler at a time to enter the room, pay on (the normal match entry fee of £20), and your peg will be drawn for you. Please then proceed straight to your car park, and observe social distancing at all times. If you can, please disinfect your cash in advance as it will help to reduce risk to those handling it.
4) Scales duty will fall to 2 people per section. You will need to both work together to do the job safely. Bring your own PPE if you think you may need it.
5) Paul Healey will be doing the results as soon as the weigh sheets are returned, and will post a full summary on Facebook as usual.

The clubhouse and bar will be open after the match, but the number of people present in the bar room will be limited to 32. Toilet facilities will be available before the draw.

Please bear in mind all these changes are to keep us all safe and keep us fishing the matches.
Stay alert, control the virus, save lives... and tight lines!